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Our activities and programs are designed to promote friendships and engagement, they are created and managed by members. Some are open only to members, some to volunteers and members.  A few are open to the public.

Events range from discussion groups, book clubs, social and dining gatherings, exercise activities, lectures and outings. New ones are constantly added.   Many are held at member’s homes, some via Zoom and a few at public venues. A calendar of events with specific descriptions can be viewed on the main menu under Events.

Upside of Aging is our main yearly event featuring an outstanding guest interviewed by Helen Dennis, a well-known newspaper columnist, expert in the field of Aging and Founder Village member.  The event was held at the PV Golf Club before COVID and via Zoom for the last two years.  Upside of Aging is open to the public and attracts an impressive number of attendees. 


Services are specifically designed to facilitate independent living. They are provided by vetted volunteers, many of whom are also members.  Transportation – Is the service requested most often. We offer transportation for medical appointments, errands and to Village social events. Because transportation is provided by volunteers there are limitations as to availability and frequency.

Household maintenance - Our volunteers can help with a variety of tasks in and around your home such as changing hard-to-reach light bulbs, assembling furniture, fixing a leaky faucet, replacing alarm batteries and other minor home repairs. For larger projects, 
they can determine what type of professional you might need and make referrals.

Assistance with electronics – We have volunteers that can help with computer and printer problems, cell phones and other tricky and frustrating electronic devices. They can teach you how to use your various devices, navigate the internet, access our website and make purchases on-line.

Friendly visits and calls - Volunteers are available to come by your home for a friendly chat or game, a walk, or just checking.  


Palos Verdes Peninsula Village has a vendor referral list.  Members that request a referral will work with the vendor directly to negotiate the scope of work and cost. Most have been personally recommended by one or more of our members or volunteers.