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By PVP Village Writers
Posted on 10/27/2021 2:31 PM

Author: Village Member Steve Jordan


Kimi Sakura - 22-year-old Japanese/American woman recently graduated from college, now working at 
Dr. Darren Myasaki - 46-year-old Japanese/American cardiologist on staff at the University Hospital
Jennifer Myasaki - 42-year-old wife of Darren, Irish and Swedish heritage, presently a “stay at home” mom for their children
Karen Myasaki - 11-year-old daughter
Phillip Myasaki - 9-year-old son

Darren’s twenty- year medical school reunion is coming up and the “organizing committee” sent out invitations to all 160 graduates, along with an “update questionnaire” for them to complete and return before the event. “We are all anxious to hear how the past twenty years have treated you.” Being a bit of an obsessive-compulsive type, he is complying. Under “education/career” he has written ‘internal medicine residency, cardiology fellowship, presently on staff at University Medical Center.”

Under “personal” he has written ‘married Jennifer Larson (now Myasaki) in 2006, daughter Karen born 2010 and son Phillip born 2012.’  He figures that will be enough to peak peoples’ interest.

He met Jennifer during his cardiology fellowship at a Christmas party held in the home of his boss. She was the caterer. Delicious food and fine wine always make a good impression on any man, especially one who is single, can’t cook, and eats most of his meals in the hospital cafeteria. The fact that she was beautiful and charming sealed the deal. They were married a year later.

Both were anxious to start a family right away and thus appeared Karen first and Phillip two years later. For now, Jennifer’s catering career consists of home-cooked meals for the family and snacks for PTA, Tee-Ball, AYSO soccer and kids' birthday parties. All things considered; they are pretty much living the dream.

Monday afternoons find Darren seeing new patients at the medical center. Private insurance patients are given the option to be seen by physicians in training (residents and fellows) or by staff only. His last patient for the day was listed as requesting ‘staff only’. Being a new patient, she had filled out the medical information questionnaire but had no other records with her: Kimi Sakura, 22-year-old Japanese American female for consultation. That’s pretty young to be seeing a cardiologist, Darren thought to himself as he knocked on the door and entered.

“Ms. Sakura, I’m Doctor Myasaki.  Pleased to meet you.”  He cleanses his hands with Purell, sits down and asks, “What brings you in to see me today?”

The young woman pauses for several seconds before looking up at him and says with a quivering voice “I think you may be my biological father.”


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