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The Upside of Aging
By PVP Village Writers
Posted: 2022-09-27T19:11:49Z

Author: PVP Village Member Anne Herron

The Upsides of Aging

. As I am entering my “advanced youth” (to quote someone who is funny, wise, maybe the cock-eyed optimist) I have found richness, jewels, maybe pearls is a better word. The pearls are simple things really. Not extraordinary at all. I’m talking about things like hunting for an instant wrinkle shrinker in the cosmetics aisle at the drugstore. Said product is rumored to be the absolute miracle in the history of the cosmetics industry. It apparently works. Instant, temporary, easy to use- what a discovery!

Another woman about my age was also on a quest for some type of elixir. We looked at each other; she said, “These things don’t really work for our age group.”  

“Ya think?” I replied. We are in the “hope department and maybe there is still hope!” I added. We both laughed at ourselves. Minutes later at the cash register - Another pearl: a young man behind the checker ran to retrieve a coupon for $3.00 off of my pot of gold. How lucky was that?!  


Having written these thoughts, I guess all I am talking about is kindness and connection. Which now brings me back to my title. Upsides happen all the time and it’s a good thing. By the way please don’t miss November 2nd PVPV “Upside of Aging” event with Ken Dychtwald and Helen Dennis. They will be entertaining us with a conversation about The Birth of Life's Third Age and the Retirement of Retirement.

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